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Dining Table Overhang Can Change the Look of a Table

When planning your next dining table, be sure to allow enough overhang for your table to look proportional. The overhang of a table is simply how much the table top projects out beyond the legs or base of the table. Too little of an overhang can make a table look stubby, while too much can make it look almost precarious!

Table top overhangs of 2 to 4 inches are quite standard, and give a proportional look to the table. However, some people prefer the look of a shorter overhang. There is no right or wrong in most cases–just make sure you are comfortable with the overhang amount that you choose. Check out some of these shallow, standard, and deep overhangs to see how the depth of the overhang can make a subtle but definite difference:

Which of these overhang styles do you prefer?

Go ahead and imagine your dream table, with just the right legs, just the right wood, and just the right overhang! We will help you customize the size to perfectly suit your space. You’re going to be pleased with the outcome so be sure to visit Table Apron Sets to begin the process of making your dream table a reality.

Build Something Beautiful with any of Osborne’s table legs, and then send us a photo of your creation so that we can share your creation with other table lovers!

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