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DIY Table Projects a Hit Through Osborne Wood Products, Inc.

Osborne Table Base Kit

While in the past, consumers have been quick to hire builders and landscapers or order pre-made items, today’s savvy shopper is attracted to the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) method. Why buy an overpriced, mass-produced item when a DIY project is not only less expensive but has more character and individuality?

During a recent survey, 97% of respondents said they have personally tackled a DIY home improvement project within the past year, and 30% said their DIY activity had increased in the last year. Surprisingly, 32% of female survey respondents described themselves as “serious DIYers.” With the evolution of websites such as Pinterest and as well as the DIY Network on cable, DIY projects are closer to consumer fingertips than ever before.

Customers seeking DIY woodworking projects from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. would do well to consider building a table. Whether the woodworker is a novice, amateur, or expert, Osborne’sTable Base Kits and accessories allow for a stress-free assembly resulting in a beautiful product. Customers may choose to build a dining tablecoffee tableend table, or kitchen island height table (34 ½35 ½, or 40 ½ inches tall). The 4” x 1” skirting material can be chosen for a four-sided or three-sided apron depending on the application needed. While four-sided skirts have been the norm for years, three-sided skirts are quickly gaining popularity as customers experiment with custom bars or island extensions.

All Table Base Kits from Osborne are custom made to fit dimensions entered into the website and come pre-mortised and tenoned and with bolts pre-installed in the legs for easy assembly. Hardware and corner braces are included as well so that once the skirting kit arrives, all that is needed is a tabletop for easy assembly. Skirting boards can also be further customized with a square, round over, or beaded profile for no extra charge.

Customers building a large table for holiday gatherings can also purchase a pair of table slide extensions to install underneath their new table as well. Table slides are available for four-leggedand pedestal tables at various lengths beginning at 20 inches.

Regardless of the experience of the woodworker, customers will find that Table Base Kits and accessories from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. are the Do-It-Yourselfer’s one-stop shop for success!

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