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DIY Vanity by Everyday Enchanting Features Osborne Vanity Legs

Marshall Island Leg
Marshall Island Leg

Designing and creating a bathroom vanity is an excellent way to add value and style to your home. Creating a vanity can seem like a difficult task, but with the help of our friend Nina from Everyday Enchanting the design just got a whole lot easier!

Nina created a stunning DIY vanity that she called the DIY Potter Barn Inspired Sink Console. This console (or vanity) features the Marshall Island Legs (Part #2701) from Osborne Wood Products. The Marshall Vanity legs were an excellent choice for this design! The large top block of the Marshall post is just over 20″ high. This allows for a large drawer or cabinet space just under the vanity top. The block just above the foot of the leg also provides functionality. This 1-5/8″ block allows for a bottom shelf or rail to be installed for added storage. And who doesn’t want more storage space in their bathroom?!

Nina explains the entire building process of her sink console on her blog, Everyday Enchanting. You can read the full tutorial HERE.

Don’t forget to pick up your Marshall Island Legs to create your own stunning vanity design!

Not sure the Marshall Vanity Leg is your style? No problem! Osborne Wood Products offers a full selection of vanity and kitchen island legs for your next vanity project! Browse our full collection HERE.

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