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Doorway Supported by User Friendly, Osborne Corbels

One of the great things about Osborne Wood Products is that one does not have to be a professional woodworker to use the items and create a beautiful piece of furniture or project that will last a lifetime. The products are so user-friendly that a novice woodworker can achieve the same beautiful results as a professional. Customers Rosemary & Warren B. of Johnson City, Tennessee, recently discovered this when they decided to build two sets of shelves over two doors in their home. Each shelf is 86 inches long and needed a simple, small bracket to complete the look. Rosemary & Warren discovered Osborne’sTraditional Brackets & Corbels online and quickly decided on four Traditional Brackets (8725) in knotty pine. They were pleasantly surprised with the ease of installation and are thrilled with the finished product, which can be seen here. Thanks, Rosemary & Warren, for the beautiful picture, and congratulations on a job well done!

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