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Dramatic Pedestal Design

We are so excited to share this creative use of one of our popular pedestals, part 11732 –Transitional Pedestal. We sell a lot of these pedestals with pre-drilled holes for easy attachment of four pedestal feet. But Stephanie Abbott, who is an avid DIY’er with a very popular blog (, saw a powerful potential for this part as a stand-alone pedestal without any feet.

Stephanie ordered our version that comes without any holes, and added platform layers of wood squares to the bottom to give it a base wide enough to support her top. Then she embellished the rest of the pedestal with beautiful, mitered mouldings, and the results are nothing short of stunning. Best of all, she has shared her build plans with everyone on her blog page so you can build yourself one of these beauties yourself! Check this link: She even includes a great video of the build highlights, which is a lot of fun to watch!

To finish the pedestal, she first applied a stain that could be seen through the distressed finish that would go on top. Here are a few more photos of this beautiful pedestal, which works so beautifully to allow for easy seating without legs getting in the way! Many thanks to Stephanie for sharing this amazing build with us.

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