Moulding & Appliques

Embossed Appliques Dress Up Office Furniture

Take your office furniture from drab to eye-catching by applying simple appliques in strategic locations! Our Etsy customer Tresha shared how easy it was to make her office furniture more interesting by applying Osborne’s Embossed Ornate Rosette, Part 8911535 to the front of her desk and sides of her cabinet. After painting the furniture, she simply attached several rosettes in contrasting finishes to the furniture in a few key places and voila! Instant update achieved with beautifully embossed appliques!

The flower-like design of this Ornament is sure to add a gorgeous touch to your home project. Add a delightful embellishment to your home furniture or cabinetry to bring more attention to a painting, a mirror, a desk, or doorway You could even liven up your cabinetry. With diameter dimensions of 3 3/4″, there are so many ways to Build Something Beautiful with this decoration.

And don’t forget to send us a photo of your DIY creations, so we can brag a little for you and share your beauties with other DIY’ers!

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