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Enhancing the Mantel with Painted Hand Carved Corbels

There’s nothing we here at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. enjoy more than helping a customer achieve the long-awaited and anticipated change to their home that they have waited for. Recently, we received a before & after picture from customers Robert & Elizabeth C. of Scituate, Massachusetts, of just this very thing.

Since moving into their home 17 years ago, Elizabeth had always felt their was something lacking about her fireplace mantle, thinking it appeared to be “floating” in space above the fireplace. To solve this problem, Elizabeth’s husband Bob ordered two Athens Bar Corbels (8020) in the paintgrade rubberwood. However, Elizabeth & her husband successfully stained the corbels, and the lovely before & after picture can be seen here. So glad we could help you fix the mantle, Elizabeth, and thank you for the pictures!

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