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Exquiste Custom Cabinetry using Osborne Island Posts

Extended Massive Islander Island Leg & Massive Islander Island Leg
Extended Massive Islander Island Leg & Massive Islander Island Leg

It is truly amazing how a craftsman can turn shelving, drawers, and storage space into a work of art. What begins as wooden components turns into a stunning masterpiece of functionality and design. The possibilities are truly endless, as the photographs from our customers can attest to. Upon styling and designing, the piece is assembled and then finished with detail and care. The magnificent process is one that is envied by many, and truly a gift and talent.

Today, I want to showcase an amazing piece by Ryan M. of Oklahoma. Ryan chose to use the Osborne Extended Massive Islander Leg (Part #1552), as well as the Massive Islander Island Leg (Part #1752). Ryan chose soft maple for the wood species of choice for his project. This hardwood exhibits a perfect finishing surface for paints and finishes similar to those used by Ryan.

Ryan used the half island legs for this project. By having the pieces from Osborne split, Ryan was able to apply them directly to the cabinetry adding dimension, charm, and style. He adorned the top block with appliques that he then matched at the top of the piece. The full design was finished with a distressed antique style in a pale blue. The finished product is absolutely stunning! I would love to have a piece like this in my home.

Thank you so much for sharing your photo, Ryan. The design and craftsmanship is amazing!

Are you inspired by this beautiful piece? I know I am! Be sure to take a look at Osborne’s full line of Kitchen Island legs that can be used for a variety of projects. Whether you are building  a free-standing island or applying half or notched legs to cabinetry, be sure to check out Osborne for your unfinished wood component needs.

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