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Extending the Perfect Table Design

26" Equalizer Slide
26" Equalizer Slide

When designing and building the perfect table for you space there are many attributes to take into account. The dimensions, thickness of the top, wood type, leg design, and whether or not the table will expand. Extension tables are a great way to prepare for any occasion! The table can condense to a small size for the day to day activities. Wood leaves can then be added to create a longer table top surface for family, friends, and guests. Whether hosting a game night, a large dinner, or book club event, an expansion table is a perfect choice!

26" Equalizer Slide

Today, let’s take a look at a great expansion table from Steve K. Steve used the Osborne Part #9050 (26″ Equalizing Slides with 25 1/2″ opening) to complete his table. The equalizer slides contain gears and are best used with pedestal tables, or fixed base tables. As you can see, Steve’s table is not a pedestal, but the base does not move as the table expands. (For tables where the base moves during expansion aStandard Table Slide is used).

The final product is a beautiful table that can easily adapt to the occasion. Thank you for sharing your photos, Steve. Enjoy your table!

Are you working on an expanding table design? Be sure to check out Osborne’s full line of Table Extension Slides today!

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