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Farm Dining Table Leg Looks Great Stained or Painted

Farm Dining Table Leg

We wanted to share with you some great examples of how versatile the Farm Dining Table Leg, Part# 1020 can be. When paired with a stained table top, the Farm leg looks great either painted or stained. The above photos were sent in by our happy customers Josh Hager from GA (left), and Unique Wood Furniture out in TX (right).

Josh has a uniform stain for both the table base and top, which is a classic look that really shows off the beautiful grain of the knotty pine wood. Unique Wood Furniture features a table with a rustic painted base paired with a stained top. Either finish produces a beautiful look for the dining set, and showcases the fine lines of the versatile Farm dining leg. We love both looks and are very happy to share these examples with our customers.

Please send us photos of the DIY creations you have made with Osborne parts so that we can brag a little for you when you Build Something Beautiful! Click this link to submit your photo(s).

Check out the wide variety of Dining Table legs produced by Osborne Wood Products, each available in over 10 different wood types! You can select options to order a table base kit with any of the leg styles, or call us to add special milling services to the leg you select.

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