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Farm Table Featuring Osborne Farm Dining Table Legs

Husky Farm Dining Table Leg
Husky Farm Dining Table Leg

Farm Tables are a beautiful addition to the home. Originally designed as purely functional pieces, the farm table has become a necessary component to the home. The beauty and elegance is found in the simplicity and craftsmanship of the design. Featuring natural wood textures, simple turnings, and hand made features, the farm table is a piece that will live on in tradition and elegance.

I’m sure you’ve seen the massive farm tables. You know the ones I’m taking about. The table top spanning what could almost fill a room, supported by large turned country style table legs. These stunning tables are a beauty to behold, but they don’t always fit the design of your home. That’s why Osborne Wood Products offers farm style table legs in a variety of sizes. No matter what size your dining table, Osborne offers the right size legs to fit the job.

Take for example this beautiful farm table from William. William chose the Osborne Husky Farm Dining Table Leg (Part #1121) to fit this design. As you can see the legs are the perfect size for a flawless fit. Not too large, allowing enough space for ample seating, and not too small, offering an aesthetically pleasing combination of base and table top. The natural wood top is beautifully contrasted by the white finished legs and table base. A perfect combination! Thank you so much for sharing your photo William! Enjoy your beautiful table!

Design your dream farm table with the help of Osborne Wood Products. Be sure to check out the wide range of table leg styles including the Farm Style table leg in 3“, 3 1/2“, and 5” widths!

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