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Farm Table for the Whole Family

Husky Farm Dining Table Leg
Husky Farm Dining Table Leg

The farm table has become increasingly popular in recent years. Maybe it’s because of the simplistic design that welcomes us home. Or maybe it’s because of the subtle elegance it brings to the entire space. But it could also be that farm tables are perfect for the whole family! Think about it. Farm tables are not only extremely stylish, but built to last. The very essence of the farm table is rooted in functionality and stability. Even better yet, when your farm table is support by table legs from Osborne Wood Products, you can rest assured that you have supports of the highest quality.

Gillian and her family trusted Osborne for their farm table design! Gillian recently shared this adorable photo featuring the brand new table her husband created. This table is definitely one for the whole family! First, this table is stunning. Just look at that natural wood top that contrasts the legs and apron. Isn’t it beautiful? The table legs that were used for this design are the Osborne Husky Farm Dining Table Legs (Part #1121) in Oak. In addition to the table legs, a table apron was also added to the order. The table apron was built specifically for this table top. When coupling Osborne table legs with the mortise and tenon joinery of table base kits, you don’t have to worry about strength being a problem! The table legs and apron were finished a darker shade than the top with a distressed finish. The color and texture fit the style perfectly! Amazing work! Thank you so much for sharing this project with us.

Is your home in need of a stylish yet functional table? Trust your next table to Osborne! With table legs of various styles and the highest quality you can’t go wrong. Browse our full collection today to get started on your dream table.

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