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Finials Add Instant Class to Garden Project

Sometimes the most subtle of pieces can have the greatest impact. Take finials, for example. They are designed to add flair and style to many projects, usually providing the perfect final touch. We love the finishing touch that our Finial Top, part 3007, added to the planter boxes created by our friends at SeekingLavenderLane. If gardens had beauty pageants, this one would definitely win!

SeekingLavenderLane wanted to make these planter boxes a little fancier than the nearby vegetable boxes, so each of the corners was adorned with a simple finial. The finials were attached to a mounting plinth that could be easily secured to each side of the box, and then everything was painted and waxed with a protective finish for an extra touch of class. With just a little effort, these delicate accessories can pump up the design of so many DIY projects.

It’s obvious that finials can quickly add a unique character to finish off a project. They are designed to beautifully accent bed posts, fence posts, newel posts and other posts that simply look better with an adorning finial on top! Whether your project calls for a small, dainty piece, or a large finish, the toppers are a perfect way to top off your design.

Osborne finials come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the simple Arts and Crafts Shaker style to the gorgeously carved Artichoke finials. Each finial is available in a wide variety of wood types, and may be just the thing you need to add a little eye-candy to your next project, taking it from “nice” to knockout!

Build Something Beautiful with Osborne Wood products, and share your creation with us so we can share it with other wood lovers!

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