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Floating Corbel Bedstand

Venice Classic Corbel
Venice Classic Corbel

No one likes bumping their feet in the dark on their nightstands, and this couple found an exceptional way to get around it! 

With two half round side table attached to the wall for support- no legs at all- floor space is left free from clutter.  But they didn’t need to sacrifice the convenient storage a bottom shelf typically gives as might be expected!  Osborne’s Venice Classic Corbels (part #8005) connect a polished top to a bottom half round.  They have had the bottom tapered portion trimmed off to provide a flat surface to connect the two and provide stability. The alder wood gives a beautiful dark reddish stain to match the sleigh bed frame and tile.  The classic and elegant design of the corbel blends seamlessly with the curved architecture of the bed frame, and gives a refined and smooth touch to the dramatically angled room.

Venice Classic Corbel

Carol gave the simple quote, “We love these corbels!” about the project, and we couldn’t agree more!

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