Folding Barn Door Hardware Allows for Full Coverage of Storage

The folding door hardware opens both doors of the cabinet storage, and can even swing out for full access to storage.

One of the disadvantages of traditional barn door hardware is that a full length of hardware covers only half of the area beneath the hardware, leaving one side exposed. Osborne’s new Folding BarnDoor Hardware is able to solve that problem by using a bi-fold door opening, which lets you open two doors at once, and allows you to cover the entire area beneath the Barn Door track with doors. The bi-fold Barn Door hardware works with pivoting rollers that allow the two doors to fold together and slide to the side, or easily pull off the track for full access to the storage area below.

Our friend Vineta over at Handyman’s Daughter, used our Folding Barn Door hardware part 4941.40 to fully cover the storage shelves of her cabinet. She also didn’t want the door of the cabinet on the right swinging out to interfere with the door that was right next to the cabinet. Osborne’s Bi-fold Barn Door hardware was just the ticket for her situation.

Usually, barn door hardware allows coverage of only half of the space below the track. Osborne’s Bi-fold hardware lets the folding door simply slide to the side, folding as the door opens. Or for full access, the hardware roller can lift off the track and swing fully open with just a tiny effort, exposing the full storage area. A tiny lift of the roller puts it back on the track. Vineta created a video that shows how easy it is to install this ground-breaking Barn Fold Door Hardware. Check out Vineta’s blog “The Handyman’s Daughter” for detailed instructions and more photos.

Osborne Wood Products offers Folding Barn Door hardware in lengths of 28″, 40″, 52″ and 64″. For one folding door, select Part 4941, and for two folding doors, select Part 4942. For traditional (non-folding) Barn Door Hardware, see Osborne Part 4940.

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