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Formal Farmhouse Table Design Features Osborne Table Legs

Husky Dining Table Leg
Husky Dining Table Leg

We’ve seen some amazing farmhouse table designs lately! I absolutely love the farmhouse style. The flawless combination of rustic tradition and simplicity really makes the farm style design a perfect option for virtually any style home. The designs feature hand crafted quality. The designs are meant to complement a space, not over power it. These stunning designs truly make any house feel just like home!

Our friend Jason over at J&S Handcrafted Designs knows all about designing and creating the perfect farm table. Jason has shared many designs with us; all just as stunning as the next! Today, I’d like to feature a gorgeous formal farmhouse table design that Jason created. Take a look!

Check out how perfectly this table accents the living space! The finish of the wood seems to have been made just for this room. Stunning work! The dark, yet natural finish of the top really brings out the unique character of the wood. The dark finish of the legs and base really make the design pop! The subtle contrast is beautiful.

Did you notice the table legs Jason chose? Jason used the Hsuky Dining Table Legs (Part #1109) from Osborne. This is definitely a crowd favorite, and rightly so! Look how perfectly these table legs complement the table design. Beautiful work Jason. Thank you for sharing!

Were you inspired by this farm table? Could you see a farmhouse table gracing your dining space? Now you can! Start building your perfect farm table today with the help of Osborne Wood Products. We have a wide selection of farm style and country table legs to choose from. Find your perfect table legs Today!

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