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Four Farmhouse Designs Featuring the Husky Dining Table Leg

Would you be surprised if we told you that the Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109) is one of the most popular items at Osborne? We didn’t think so. Just browsing through the dining table leg collection, this beefy rustic design immediately catches the eye. In fact, it’s caught the attention of popular DIY bloggers such as Ana WhiteDecor and the DogNina Hendrick Designs, and many more! Each of these talented bloggers created free tutorials using this table leg, allowing millions of avid readers access to this stunning design and free plans!

Bloggers aren’t the only ones who caught wind of this great table leg design! Professional craftsman and hobbyists alike have chosen the Husky Dining Table Leg for their personal (and their client’s) dining table designs. But don’t take our word for it!

Today we would like to feature 4 stunning farmhouse table designs using the Husky Dining Table Leg. Each table exhibits incredible craftsmanship as well as character. It’s always fun to see how each table is created unique to match the personality of the craftsman. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by these 4 distinct designs!

farmhouse dining table

This first farmhouse table featured comes from our fried Tiffany. This lovely table features a stunning contrast of white and natural wood. As you can see, this table base was finished with a beautiful white paint. The base and legs added a bright and delightful contrast to the stained wood top. The top stain is just the right hue; not too dark but not too light. Amazing work, Tiffany! Thank you for sharing your photo with us!

build a farm table

The second farmhouse design comes from our friend Brian. Brian also chose a stunning contrast for his farmhouse table design. However, instead of a white painted finish for the table base, Brian chose to finish his table legs in a dark black shade. The dark color adds character and dimension, allowing visitors to feel right at home around this table. The table top is finished in a stunning natural stain, showing off the beauty of the wood. Beautiful work, Brian! Thank you for sharing your project with us!

farmhouse table build

This third farm style dining table comes from our friend Jessica. Jessica also chose to contrast the table base and table top. The Husky table legs and table apron were finished in white, brightening up the table and the space it fills. The top was finished a dark natural stain, really showing off grain patterns and texture of the boards. As you can see, Jessica’s table is right at home ready to welcome friends and family. Beautiful job, Jessica! Thank you so much for allowing Osborne to be part of this design!

build your farm table

Our fourth and final farm table feature comes from our friend Jonathan. Jonathan is a craftsman for The Rustic Shack, building stunning tables, benches and more! This table includes not only a stunning contrast of light and dark, but a bench to match! The table and bench bases are both finished in a stylish white, while the top features a flawless dark stain. The ensemble is the perfect addition to any home, especially as the holiday season approaches! Stunning work, Jonathan! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us!

Were you inspired by these farmhouse table? Did a farmhouse table just get added to your to-do list? It’s not too late to get your table created before the Holidays!! Check out this Free DIY tutorial for creating your own farm table. Be sure to pick up your Husky Dining Table Legs from us here at Osborne!

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