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Large Fleur de-lys

Osborne Wood Products is proud to be a company in the business of turning houses into homes.  Our work is usually seen internally; redesigned kitchens, customized tables, new legs for family heirlooms, and the like.  But one customer sent us a picture of our work displayed in a much more prominent way.

He took some of our decorative carved ornaments and used them to accent the Queen Anne tower on his farm house.  The style was Osborne’s Large Fleur De Lys (part #7625), which at 8.5″ x 7″ was easily large enough to be seen on the impressive architecture.

Large Fleur de-lys

Since first appearing around the 10th Century, the Fleur De Lys has become one of the world’s most recognizable symbols. It has appeared on everything from European coats of arms to coins to flags, and has even been adopted as the symbol of several sports teams. Today it is offered by Osborne Wood Products as an applique and can be used to decorate any piece of furniture; adding grace, class, and an international appeal. The back of the medallion is perfectly flat with no mounting hardware, as it is best installed using adhesive.

Large Fleur de-lys

We don’t normally recommend our products for outdoors use, due to the dynamic nature of wood.  However, if you want to use them outside we do offer an option for in-house items to be made with exterior glue, and recommend a very thorough sealing job to keep the wood from cracking when exposed to the elements and climate change.

If you would like to see this Fleur De Lys in a smaller size, click HERE.

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