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Georgia Department of Labor tours Osborne Wood Products

Georgia Department of Labor tours Osborne Wood Products

Toccoa, GA- Lean manufacturing, turnaround time, and CNC production are just a few of the topics covered in a tour at the Osborne Wood Products facility in Toccoa, GA. On October 29,th  State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler and a team from the Georgia Department of Labor took part in an onsite tour of the company facilitated by the Osborne marketing department.

Christian Smedberg, Director of Marketing at Osborne, led the group through the facility describing key values and goals of the company. Smedberg began the tour by discussing the history of Osborne Wood Products, created by CEO Leon Osborne in 1979. He explained that the company has adopted lean management and strategies for the present in order to gain competitive advantage in the industry.

The tour continued to the production and manufacturing department where members were able to see firsthand the machines used to turn and create furniture components in record time. The shipping department gave members a glimpse into the warehousing strategies and stocking methods used by the company. A final tour of the grounds allowed members to see the vast area covered by the company, and how each department works together to offer superior service and products to its customers.

Osborne Wood Products adopted lean management practices in 2006, allowing for faster lead times and reduced costs.  Today, Osborne continues to build upon not only the principles of lean management, but of sustainability, innovation, and superior customer service.

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