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Glamour in the Game Room

Ping Pong may seem like a modern game, but it actually started in England in the 19th century when people started using their dining room tables to play a version of tennis.  It had several names such as “Whif waf”, “gossamer”, and “flim flam”; which often came from the sound the ball made when it was hit back and forth.  J. Jaques & Son LTD later registered one of the more popular names, “Ping Pong”, for a copy right.


Our friend Wyatt brought back a traditional version of the game with a gorgeous walnut and maple playing table.  To support it, he used Osborne’s Square Farm Dining Table Legs (part #1141). The square profile of these legs give a contemporary take on a old-fashioned style, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the modernized wooden ping pong table.  The simple, graceful design also allows the legs to blend in to any room setting, and keeps from drawing attention away from the high gloss playing top.

To start your own table, click HERE and to see the matching bench legs, click HERE!

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