Gorgeous Modification to a Vintage Table using Our Table Base Kit

Check out the fantastic work that our customer Sue S. completed on her vintage table! Sue told us that originally, the legs at both ends that came with this table were tiny, got in the way, and were so wobbly that you could spill your drink if someone sat down! Spilled drinks are the last thing anyone wants to have happen on a vintage table as beautiful as this one, so Sue contacted us and one of our customer service representatives helped her order a second, more stable skirt kit and four brand new legs.

For this project, Sue chose our leg 99142, the French Dining Table Leg, to replace her wobbly ones. She ordered the legs and skirting in red oak, then stained them to match her table. Best of all, Sue will now be able to sit 8 or 10 people comfortably at her table without worrying about a spilled drink.

If you have a vintage table and need to make some modifications, all of our wood products come unfinished so you can order the wood type you need as Sue did here, then stain or paint the parts to match the table you already have.

Don’t forget to check out leg 99142, and if you’re interested in a table base kit, you can customize and order your own today!

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