Gorgeous Pedestal Table Features Shallowford Pedestal


Our friend Jack sent over some amazing pictures of his new kitchen table he built using one of our pedestal kits. He chose to use Osborne’s Shallowford Pedestal Kit in Red Oak. Jack gave the pedestal a gorgeous light stain that matched his top perfectly!

Now Jack and his family or guests have an awesome new place to sit and enjoy each other’s company! The table top features lovely white paneling on the skirt boards that give the table a great retro vibe. This table is 6’ in diameter making it perfect for lots of people to sit around and marvel at Jack’s craftsmanship! All we have to say is great job Jack!

Want to create a table like this of your own? Check out our Shallowford Pedestal Kit (Part #1158)today! This pedestal base kit can accent almost any theme: from simple, to elegant, to retro. You really cannot go wrong! Are you looking for a little bit of a different design? Head over to our table pedestal page and start shopping today!

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