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Heirloom Bedpost Project Sees Completion

Heirloom Bedpost Project Sees Completion
Heirloom Bedpost Project Sees Completion

In 2013 the Osborne Drafting Department set out to replicate a bed post design that would be part of a family heirloom project. Today, we would like to share with you the final results of the custom turned bed posts created at Osborne.

Above you can see the bed posts after assembly. At this point our customer, Dwayne, had not yet finished the pieces. Take a look at that craftsmanship! The posts fit together beautifully and are well on their way to a final project Dwayne’s customer will be proud to own and pass down to generations to come!

After assembly, the bed posts were stained. The beautiful finish, when combined with the intricate detail creates an absolutely stunning design! The carvings add depth and elegance, making the posts a perfect match to the original. Amazing work Dwayne!

Thank you, Dwayne, for sharing your finished product photos with us and for allowing Osborne to be a part of your project. We are honored to be your source for these very meaningful custom posts.

Do you have a design that needs to be replicated? Perhaps you have a unique design that can’t be found anywhere else. Contact our drafting department at 1-800-849-8876 for a custom quote on your project today! We would love to be a part of your next design!

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