Historic Building’s Reclaimed Door Stile is Given a New Life!

There are few things as satisfying as seeing an idea you have been savoring for many years become a reality. Our friend Keith had an opportunity to salvage the front door stiles of a building built in 1928 in downtown Yakima, Washington. This historic building was home to Sears and Roebuck. Keith has stored these doors in his wood shop since the early 70’s while he waited for the right time and design to give these special doors new life.


Keith decided to incorporate our Extended Transitional Table Pedestals (part #1151) in soft maple along with the door stiles to create a beautiful sofa table.  The history behind it would have made this piece a talking point alone, but the jet black finish of the Pedestals compliments the glossy wood perfectly and makes this a statement piece in every sense. Placed against the wall, the clean-cut architecture of the pedestals and table lend a classic air to Keith’s room.

Historic (1)

This project would be fantastic for someone looking to re-purpose old doors and give them new life, and could be personalized in many ways.  

If you would like a look at the pedestals used in Keith’s stunning sofa table, which are also offered as a kit of two (part #1179), in other applications, click on the part number.

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