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How to Assemble the Timeless Trestle Base

DIYwithRick put together a video showing how to finish and assemble the Osborne Timeless Trestle Base Pedestal kit as well as showing how he built his table top.

This double pedestal is an adaptation of our widely popular Large Pedestal Kit (part #1145).  This sturdy kit is made to be weight bearing, and you will be hard pressed to find a top it won’t support!  Wood, stone, marble- this kit can take it all.  Just make sure that the table top is at MOST twice the length of the length of the kit- otherwise it might tip over.  The pedestal is a flawless blend of style and function.  It has an intricate square center with sharp features to create a visual focal point, and gentle curves in the arms and legs to balance it out.  We would not recommend this base be used with a glass top, as hardware can be seen.  It is also an easy assembly if being used for a DIY or home project!  It comes with everything you need for assembly!

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