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How To Connect Your Pedestal Kit to Your Table Top

We often get the question, “How do I extend the height of my Osborne Wood Products table pedestal kit?” Today, we’re going to explain that process in this helpful how-to video. For your convenience, we’ve also included a step-by-step guide below.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A “Plate”, which can be made out of plywood, with pre-drilled holes

2. Two pre-drilled stretcher boards (Hardwood. Do not use Pine)

The Extension kit can be purchased from Osborne Wood Products or can be made in your home.

Step 1. Take your plate and temporarily install it onto your stretchers. Make sure your stretchers are lined up parallel to each other and that your plate is centered on them.

Step 2. Once the plate is installed on the stretchers, take a pencil and mark where the stretcher meets the plate, both on the plate and the stretcher.

Step 3. Center the stretchers, with the attached plate, with the upside-down table top. Make sure to measure each side to ensure that it is perfectly centered on the table top.

Step 4. Screw the stretchers into the table top.

Step 5. Unscrew the plate from the stretchers and screw the remaining screws through the stretchers and into the table top.

Step 6.  Once you finish screwing your stretchers to your table top, take your plate and secure it to the top of the pedestal center, lining up the pre-drilled holes with the bolts in the top of the pedestal center.

Step 7. Flip the pedestal center over and secure it to the table top, lining the plate up with the pencil marks you made earlier on the stretchers.

Step 8. Now that everything is secure, you can flip your table over and enjoy your finished table!

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