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How to Install Our Floating Shelf Kit

Recently, we added an exciting bracket hardware system for floating shelves to our lineup. This aluminum kit includes two interlocking brackets, a small bubble level, and attachment hardware. It’s available as just the hardware on its own, as well as in a pre-made shelf kit (shown in the video below). These instructions are specifically for use with the shelf kit, however they can also be used for the hardware alone once you have your shelf picked out and the corresponding hardware installed in it.

Step 1: Install the bubble level onto the floating shelf bracket to be installed on your wall. It can snap easily into place or slide into the groove.

Step 2: Mark the location of the floating shelf on the wall using the level in the bracket to ensure that the shelf is level.

Note: for maximum support, be sure to install the bracket into studs in the wall. For drywall installation, bear-claw screws are included in the kit and can be used without an additional anchor.

Step 3: Remove the bubble level.

Step 4: Attach the shelf to the wall by holding it slightly above the wall bracket and sliding it towards the wall and down, as shown in the video below.

Step 5: Enjoy your new floating shelf!

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