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Husky Dining Table Legs a Perfect Choice!

Husky Dining Table Leg

There is no denying that our Husky Dining Table Legs (Part #1109) is a crowd favorite. And rightly so! Just take a look at this stunning dining table leg! The Husky leg gets its name because of its wide width. The leg is turned from a 5 x 5 inch square, allowing it to have incredible strength and stability. This is especially important when building a large farmhouse dining table. The chunky legs, combined with the simple yet country style make this the perfect option for your farm table projects!

Our friend John found the Husky Dining Table leg to be the perfect option for his farm table design. John, an architect by day and woodworker by night, created this amazing table using the Part #1109. John told us, “I recently purchased your Husky Dining Table Legs and built a 7′ x 4′ table for my dining room.  I did a 50/50 mixture of dark walnut and grey stain and its came out really custom and neat.  It is a dark brown with a grey haze over it.” Wow! Beautiful work John!

As you can see, the table leg was the perfect fit! The finish is absolutely stunning and really gives the design a true country look and feel. I wouldn’t mind having a table like this in my home!

To see more projects from John you can look him up on Instagram @goodwoodwi . John will also have projects, including a coffee table, on display in this year’s Parade of Homes in Madison, Wisconsin! Thanks so much for choosing Osborne for your projects John!

Were you inspired by John’s beautiful dining table? It’s the perfect time of year to start building your dining table! Be sure to check out our full line of dining table legs – including the Husky design! Start creating your dream home today!

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