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Husky Farmhouse Legs on a Husky Farmhouse Table

Husky Farm Dining Table Leg
Chris Roberts

One21 Rustics out of Brookwood, Alabama creates beautiful rustic farmhouse furniture that we think looks absolutely amazing! The company’s owner, Chris sent over a picture of their most recent project which features some Osborne Legs! Look at that incredibly huge table supported by some awesome Husky Farm Dining Table Legs!

Chris chose to use a dark stained red oak table top that is 60″ x 60″. This top is absolutely beautiful matched with the gorgeous legs that he ordered from Osborne and painted a perfect milky white! We think this table turned out amazing! What do you think?

Want to create a table like this of your own? Check out our Husky Farm Dining Table Legs (Part # 1121) and start building yours today! Want a table that’s not quite as husky but with the same design? Check out our Farm Dining Table Legs (Part # 1020). Want to see more of what Chris and his company have to offer? Head on over to the One21 Rustic Works Facebook page to see what all they have to offer!

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