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Introducing NEW Leg Mounting Cleats for Quick and Easy Table Leg Installation

One of Osborne’s newest releases are leg mounting cleats! These cleats allow for fast and simple installation of many styles of table leg, but work especially well for mid century modern designs. They are available in several lengths, from 12″ up to 36″, making them an ideal option for use on any table in your home, no matter how big or small.

Each of these cleats comes in a set of two. The pack of angled cleats provides a simple and stunning solution to installing table legs at an angle. These cleats give your table legs an attractive 12 degree angle, which is ideal for creating a mid-century modern look. The low profile of these cleats allows them to blend in with the underside of your table instead of standing out, and the length helps act as a stabilizer or batten when installed counter to the direction of the boards in the table top.

Have you checked out our Builder’s Studio videos on YouTube? We upload videos to our YouTube channel showcasing new releases, industry news, product installations, custom builds, and more. Our Builder’s Studio videos are focused on demonstrating how to use a variety of products available on our website and showing examples of how they can be installed.

In the Builder’s Studio video below, Tim explains how to install our leg mounting cleats along with our popular Wheeler dining table legs to create a beautiful mid-century modern dining table. If you’re interested in building a similar table, you can shop for everything you need on our mid-century modern collection on our website!

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