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Island Legs used in Beautiful Cradle Project

Server Island Post
Server Island Post

At Osborne Wood Products we offer high quality products that you can trust for your important projects.

Today we get a new perspective on Osborne Island Legs. Jim L. submitted these beautiful pictures of how he used our island legsto think outside the box. The results are amazing!

Server Island Post

Jim carefully chose a pair of Server Island Posts (Part #1487) in Black Walnut. These legs, both strong and beautiful in color, would be supporting a precious gift:

“I used the pair of Server Island Post as the legs for this cradle I built for my daughter who is due in December. It will be passed on to each of my kids and family members. I plan on creating a plaque system under the cradle to mark each birth that the cradle is used for.”

Congratulations Jim! (and) The cradle turned out beautifully!

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