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Island Posts to Fit Three-Sided Skirting for Kitchen Islands

Three-sided skirting for kitchen islands has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and Osborne Wood Products has seen a dramatic increase in orders for them. Sometimes customers order both the three-sided skirting and legs from Osborne; other times, they simply order the legs to go with skirting they have made. Such was the case with customer Tim Moyer of Perkasie, Pennsylvania.

Tim ordered two of our Husky Reeded Island Posts (1466) in soft maple to compliment his kitchen island skirting. Tim paired the paintgrade soft maple legs with a lovely sapele top for the lovely look seen here. Great job, Tim!

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has recently added eight new wood types, and one is sapele, like Tim’s countertop. Similar to mahoganysapele has an interesting interlocked grain that changes direction in frequent, irregular intervals and is quite durable. To check out the rest of the new Specialty Wood Types, click on our Wood Types tab on the homepage or simply click here.

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