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Islander Island Post a Perfect Match for Kitchen Renovation

Narrow Islander Island Post
Narrow Islander Island Leg

Whether your home is classic and traditional, elegant and ornate, or modern and contemporary, Osborne Wood Products offers just the right components to complete your project designs! When it comes to the kitchen island, the sky is the limit with design possibilities! The wide select of island post styles at Osborne allows you to design and construct your dream kitchen. The perfect match for your project is just a click away!

Narrow Islander Island Leg

Don’t just take our word for it! Take is from Charley. Charley recently selected the Osborne Narrow Islander Island Post (Part #1740) in Red Oak. Here is what Charley had to say about this kitchen island project: “Thanks for the GREAT service and the similarly great turned island legsyou sent me a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t be more pleased with the product, service, and how it contributed to my kitchen island project. I have attached a couple of pics of this small island. It was built from red oak and finished with grey green milk paint and a slate green Corian top. Thanks again for everything!” You’re very welcome Charley! And thank you for choosing Osborne to be a part of this design!

Do you have a kitchen island build in your future? Be sure to check out the wide range of island posts available from Osborne Wood Products! We have sizes, styles, and wood types for all designs. Your Dream Kitchen starts Here.

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