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Jennifer Shannon Promoted to Osborne Front Office Team Lead


Osborne Wood Products is excited to announce the promotion of Jennifer Shannon to Front Office Lead. If you have called Osborne Wood products more than once in the last 8 years, chances are you have spoken to Jennifer a time or two. She has been the first to answer the phone as calls come in and is outstanding in her ability to offer top notch customer service to hobbyists and professional woodworkers alike. Osborne Wood Products has recognized Jennifer for her commitment to an in-depth understanding of their products. One such product where Jennifer has become a true expert is on the selection of table slides.Osborne offers a variety of different extender slides and Jennifer has an in-depth understanding of the function of a variety of options. Her ability to walk customers through choosing the right table slide for their specific need is just one of the many strengths that Jennifer has brought to the Customer Service Team.

Jennifer has been involved in tracking data on the Customer Service Team’s performance in offering exceptional customer care. Her diligence in reviewing performance has enabled her to play a key role in training and education of new hires. Osborne Wood Products has expanded the customer service department to include a new Lead Position to empower Jennifer to be more effective in the quality improvement that she has been engaged in promoting.

Jennifer reports that she is excited about her new position: “With my new position I am looking to lead our team in continuous improvement. I would like to build a base for support and continuing education and improvement for our customer service department.” Jennifer has been a part of the Osborne Team for the last eight years and says “What I enjoy most about working at Osborne Wood Product is the open and friendly atmosphere. This has been the best working environment I have had with any job.”

Leon Osborne commented on Jennifer’s promotion saying, “Jennifer has shown a commitment to supporting continuous improvement by tracking performance and working with team members to find solutions. This promotion will offer her more resources to continue to strengthen our customer service team and impact improvement.”

Osborne Wood Products supplies a variety of furniture and architectural components to a wide range of customers. Their commitment to exceptional customer service and to improving their employees wellbeing has been a defining component of the company’s culture. Osborne employees 25-30 employees and in addition to excellent health benefits Osborne offer employees 24/7 access to a 9,000 sq ft private fitness gym.

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