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Joshua Lillie Named Assistant to the CEO

Joshua Lillie Named Assistant to the CEO
Joshua Lillie Named Assistant to the CEO

Toccoa, GA — As the company continues to grow, Osborne Wood Products adds a new member to the team. Bringing leadership and administrative experience, Joshua Lillie has joined the Osborne family as the Assistant to the CEO. A recent graduate of Toccoa Falls College, Lillie brings his experience in administrative leadership, data entry, and marketing to the company.

Lillie explains, “Osborne Wood Products had always been on my radar throughout my time at Toccoa Falls College. It wasn’t until my final semester in college that one of my business professors shared the opportunity with me to pursue employment. Upon meeting with Mr. Osborne, I was given a snapshot of operations and an introduction to the vision and philosophies of the company. From that point on, I was completely sold.”

Lillie also added, “Osborne offers a unique opportunity for employment that I simply did not see elsewhere. Not only am I stepping into a job, but also into a family. The values on which Leon runs his company appeal to me greatly, and I am excited to learn from him and develop my own skill sets throughout my time here.”

Osborne Wood Products CEO, Leon Osborne, is also incredibly excited about Lillie joining the team. “Joshua is an exceptional individual whose leadership ability, management skills and proven value centered leadership will play an important role in the development of Osborne Wood Products’ partnership for success.  We look forward to Joshua’s role in Osborne’s path of providing superior service and world-class innovation through forward thinking and a culture of caring.”

Osborne Wood Products is excited about this time of growth and the tremendous talent being added to the Osborne family.

Osborne Wood Products is a manufacturer and supplier of unfinished wood components located in Toccoa, GA. Osborne has proudly served the trade, as well as the hobbyist and consumer since 1979. With over 1000 products available, Osborne components are available to customers throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally.

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