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Kirchhoff Tables’ Most Important Project

Square Farm Dining Table Leg
Square Farm Dining Table Leg

Seth K. of Kirchhoff Tables has shared many beautiful tables with us. Many of these tables were requests from his customers and the results were absolutely stunning! Though all of these projects were extremely important, one particular project trumps all: a custom project for his step-son Liam.

Here is what Seth told us about this project:
“My wife came home one day with an antique country store display case. Originally the case would have sat on a counter top, but I wanted it to be a stand along piece, so I essentially built a table base for it – four legs and an apron.

Square Farm Dining Table Leg

The “Square Husky Farm Dining Table Leg” (Part #1141) in Oak was a very complimentary design choice for the molding and trim of the antique display case. However, because the interior of the case was only accessible from the back, it needed to be easily moved away from the wall. And yet I didn’t want clunky castors on an otherwise beautiful piece of furniture. My solution was to recess ball castors into the bottom of the legs. The castors can support up to 100lbs each and because they are recessed, they protrude only about 1/4″ and thus are nearly invisible.

Currently Liam’s pet Ball Python calls the antique display case home. He seems quite happy in his new environment and we get the bonus of a quite attractive piece of antique furniture instead of the rather ugly glass aquarium.”

Amazing work Seth! Thank you so much for sharing this great project with us. And enjoy that beautiful case, Liam! I’m sure your Python loves it too!

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