Posts, Legs and Table Skirts

Kitchen Island Features Osborne Posts


Our friend Lorna sent us over pictures of a kitchen island she building using our island posts, and we are ready to add this island onto our list of favorites. Lorna used our Contemporary Rope Island Posts to complete her island project, and let me just tell you I don’t think she could have made a better choice.

These posts are gorgeous and give her piece just the right amount of detail it needs without overpowering the design of the island. Lorna gave her island a lovely green paint job to add a little pop of color. This island is just beautiful, and we are sure it goes so well in her kitchen.

The amazing thing about this leg is that it belongs to a whole family of legs just like it that have different widths. So, that means that no matter what the size of the project we have a gorgeous rope leg with your name on it.

Are you ready to fill in the missing pieces in your kitchen? Shop our collection of island legstoday. Or check out our Contemporary Rope Island Post (Part #1483). Once you’ve put the finishing touches on your project send us a few pictures of it! We’d love to see what creations y’all come up with.

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