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Kitchen Island Legs used to Complete Bar Project

Husky Reeded Island Post
Husky Reeded Island Post

I love seeing customer photos that really make you feel like you are in the room looking at the beautiful craftsmanship and design of a project. The colors, textures, and atmosphere of the room can become so clear through such a simple photo. I suppose a picture really is worth 1000 words!

Take a look at this unique photo sent to us by Brad S. of  Kansas. Does the photo take you to a modern version of the Western Saloon? Or maybe it takes you to your own basement or ‘man-cave.’ Can you see this bar in your home? I know I can!

The beautiful oak wood really brings out the bar design. The high chairs, and even the photos on the wall really add to the atmosphere to create a sensational experience!

Brad used the Osborne Husky Reeded Island Post (Part #1466) to complete this fascinating project. Brad told us that, “This is a picture of a bar where I used your Island Legs in Red Oak, with a Brazilian Cherry finish.  I used fluted panels to match the legs, and used them to accent places where wood panels met.  The combination looks natural, and gives the appearance of mass to the project.”

Thank you so much for sharing your photo with us Brad! It looks amazing!

Looking to add an amazing atmosphere to your living space? Consider the textures and styles of natural wood products for your design! Be sure to check out all of the island legscorbels and bracketsmoldings, and more offered by Osborne Wood Products!

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