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Fluted Islander

At Osborne Wood Products we are committed to partnering with our customers in their projects to provide high quality products and excellent service. Simply put, we love to see our customers succeed! Here is a success story from our customer Tom D. from North Carolina. Tom recently ordered a Table Base kit and four Fluted Islander Legs (Part # 1764). Check out what Tom has to say about his experience with Osborne:

Fluted Islander

“We had new kitchen countertops installed and one of the things we wanted was to create more space on our existing island.  It was possible but we needed something underneath the granite overhang for both support and looks.  The overhang was just a bit more than 24″.  Although we considered some other options, our initial idea was to put legs underneath.  Being a do it yourselfer, I was not that knowledgeable about how to track down the materials locally, since it wasn’t something I deal with on a regular basis.  Upon looking into it, I was a bit surprised at how difficult it was to find what I needed locally, and how potentially expensive it could be.  I would have to say I was equally surprised that I would find the materials online.”

“I’m so glad I found Osborne Wood.  The website is fantastic and the selection of products is great.  I started looking at legs trying to come up with a concept on how I would support and trim out the counter overhang.  Honestly, I stumbled into your table apron kits by just clicking around and immediately saw the exact solution to my needs.  That section of the website takes it to another level, because upon entering the measurements it gave me a bit of a visual to 1) make me confident that I was ordering the right thing and 2) how it should fit together and look once completed. Very fairly priced too. We chose the 2 leg/3 sided apron set.”

“Everything arrived sooner than expected, packed well, milled perfectly, and was of high quality.  Prior to the arrival of the materials, one of the things I was thinking through was how I would secure it to the existing island.  I was very happy to see that Osborne had pre drilled 3 holes on each side and included hardware so it could be secure to an existing structure-just like it was depicted on their website.  We love how our island turned out.”
Beautiful work, Tom. We are so excited to be a part of this project with you!

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Do you have a vision for a project that requires some “out of the box” design? Look no further! Osborne offers a wide variety of products, as well as Custom Solutions to meet your woodworking needs.

Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to help you find the perfect items for your next project. Give us a call at 1-800-849-8876 today!

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