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Kitchen Remodel Features Island Posts and Cabinet Feet

Massive Wilmington Island Post and English Country Round Bun Feet
Massive Wilmington Island Post and English Country Round Bun Feet

Deciding on the perfect combination of components for a kitchen remodel can be tough. With countless island post styles to choose from, finding a perfect match can feel impossible! At Osborne, we make it easy to find the perfect combination of unfinished wood components for your home. Whether combining island posts and feet, or corbels and molding, Osborne offers a variety of styles and collections to make your job easier (and much more fun!).

Tom F. of Custom Creative Furniture, LLC used a duo of Osborne components to add the perfect element of style to a kitchen remodel. First, Tom chose the Massive Wilmington Island Post (Part #1409) to support the kitchen island. This post is perfect for many reasons; first of which being its versatility. You can easily see this post in a traditional home, a classic home, or even a country/rustic style home. The turnings are clean and the detailing subtle, adding dimension without taking away from the other detailing of the space.

Massive Wilmington Island Post and English Country Round Bun Feet

To compliment the Wilmington style legs, Tom chose the English Country Round Bun Feet (Part # 4045) to accent the cabinetry of the island. The feet, though smaller than the island, give a perfect mirroring effect, with the feet complimenting the bottom of the island posts. The two components coupled together create a great pair!

Tom told us that this job was done in Johns Creek, and that Manzer Contracting did the remodel. Great work on the kitchen island Tom! The final project turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing your photos!

Enjoy the search for wood components: whether matching island posts or feet. Be sure to browse our full collection today!

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