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Kitchen Remodel Features Osborne Traditional Corbels

Traditional Corbel and Traditional Bracket
Traditional Corbel and Traditional Bracket

When you think of corbels what comes to mind? Do you envision an ornate, hand carved piece gracing your counter top or mantel? Or do you see a sleek, stainless steel structural bracket supporting your bar or modern shelf? Whether your project in mind is a shelf, mantel, counter top, or bar, corbels and brackets are a perfect support option; no matter what your style!

Traditional Corbel and Traditional Bracket

Today, let’s take a look at a beautiful kitchen remodel by Laura. Laura recently renovated her kitchen, adding beautiful yet subtle detail above her kitchen range. The corbels of choice for this project were Osborne Traditional Corbels (Part #8728). These simple, yet exquisite corbel pieces added the perfect amount of detail to the kitchen. The corbels were finished to match the range hood and cabinetry for a flawless finish. Laura also added theTraditional Corbels to the open shelving beside the sink. Beautiful work!

Take a look over to the right at the counter below the microwave! Do you see the stunning arch affect created by traditional corbel pieces? This style can easily be added to your kitchen by using the 6″ Traditional Corbel (Part #8722) from Osborne!

Traditional Corbel and Traditional Bracket

Thank you, Laura, for sharing the photos of your kitchen with us. The final product is absolutely stunning! Enjoy!

For traditional, subtle, or simple detail, Osborne Wood Product’s Traditional Corbels and Brackets are a perfect fit. Take it from Laura! For more ornate or intricate designs, be sure to check out the full line of hand carved corbels from Osborne. Metal designs are also available for a contemporary to modern flair. Browse our full line today!

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