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Kits for Black Walnut Coffee Tables

The holidays are a fantastic time to create family memories. What better way to do create memories than a woodworking project from Osborne Wood Products? That is precisely what Paul W. and his family in Burlington, Wisconsin, did this past holiday season. Paul purchased two black walnut coffee tableskirting kits from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. to assemble in time for Christmas morning. The first coffee table incorporated four Massive English Country Coffee Table Legs (1330) and skirting for a 45 x 24 inch tabletop with a 2 inch overhang and rounded apron profile. The second coffee table showcased four 18 inch square legs (2180003500) and skirting for a 45 x 22 1/2 inch tabletop with a 2 inch overhang and square apron profile. The beautiful coffee tables and industrious elves can be seen here.

Want to start a woodworking project tradition with your family? Why not start now? Check out our easy-to-assemble three- and four-sided skirting kits for coffee tablesend tablesdining tables, and kitchen islands here. Each kit comes with legs of your choosing (two for a three-sided skirt and four for a four-sided skirt), and the skirting boards and hardware necessary to build your masterpiece. All you need to provide is the tabletop and screws to install it. Don’t wait – start creating those memories today!

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