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Knotty Pine Modified English Country Dining Table Legs

At Osborne Wood Products, Inc., we love to hear the background stories of projects. We understand that you, the customer, are very busy and appreciate any story you pass along to us with your pictures regarding your project. Customer Tess S. of Richmond, Virginia, was kind enough to go one step further; she provided us with a link to her blog so we could read all about her project. Unfortunately, the blog is no longer available, but we remain inspired by the craftsmanship.

Tess and her husband were disappointed to find that their searches for “farm table” on both Craigslist and Ebay brought about no bargains and local antique stores did not offer what they were looking for either. However, while on Craigslist, Tess did find an advertisement for Concepts Created in Waynesboro, Virginia, run by Bryan B. and his wife. Tess placed an order for a heartpine dining room table and then ordered four Modified English Country Dining Table Legs (1111) in knotty pine from Osborne Wood Products, Inc. The legs were shipped directly to Bryan, who attached them to the dining table. The beautiful pictures can be seen here as well as on Tess’s blog (who is also an excellent photographer). Thank you, Tess, for the wonderful pictures and background story!

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