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Leon Osborne Receives Bridge Builder Award

Leon Osborne Receives Bridge Builder Award
Leon Osborne Receives Bridge Builder Award

Toccoa, GA – On June 13, 2015 Osborne Wood Products CEO, Leon Osborne, become the first ever recipient of the North Georgia Technical College Bridge Builder Award. The Bridge Builder Award was created this year to recognize individuals who have committed themselves and their organization to tirelessly working to connect education and professional skills to the work environment. Leon Osborne has been a loyal supporter of the college for many years. Osborne has specifically focused on and fostered growth of students within the Engineering Technology Program.

Leon Osborne stated, “When my wife and I were getting established in Toccoa, I realized that I needed a bridge to connect what I had learned with my four year degree with a practical way to start a business.  North Georgia Technical College provided that bridge for me. Once in business, Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has endeavored to become a bridge for our associates as well. We do more than provide a job. We provide opportunities to foster a healthy life style. Some aspects of our company’s bridge building are related to our wellness program, our family physical fitness center, and upward mobility for those who are driven to achieve. We are honored to receive this recognition from the NGTC Alumni Association.”

Leon Osborne is also a proud member of the Engineering Technology Program advisory board. Osborne supports the North Georgia Technical College by offering internships to students in the program, as well as hiring NGTC graduates.

Osborne Wood Products is a manufacturer and supplier of unfinished wood and metal components located in Toccoa, Georgia. Found in 1979 by Leon Osborne, Osborne Wood Products supplies hobbyists and professionals with quality components throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally.

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