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Lovely Farm Table Matchings Kitchen & Dining Space

Massive Farm Dining Table Leg
Massive Farm Dining Table Leg

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect dining table? The table that gracefully sits in your dining space, bringing together every detail of the room? The table is timeless, beautiful, and matches perfectly. This is just the kind of dining table that Sandy B. created.

Sandy chose to use four of Osborne’s Massive Farm Dining Table Legs (Part #1125) to support her table project. The legs were finished an off-white and fitted to a 62 square inch wooden table top. The apron of the table was also finished to match the legs. In fact, the chairs also match the table flawlessly and pull together the entire design. Beautiful work Sandy!

Sandy told Osborne, “Here’s my new 62” square kitchen table, using your Massive Farm Dining Table Leg 29″ x 5″, in the soft maple, painted off white to match my 8 kitchen chairs. It turned out just beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much.” Thank you for sharing your photo with us. Enjoy your beautiful table!

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