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Mad for Mid-Century? Use Osborne’s Metal Table Legs

Use any of Osborne’s metal legs to easily build one-of-a-kind Mid-Century-look tables or benches. Metal legs and feet offer an exciting look when set against wooden tops or furniture. Our metal table legs let you create unique furniture with almost any flat surface top, thanks to their flat metal plates at the top for easy attachment with simple hardware. You can have the Mid-Century Modern look you have been wanting with our wide assortment of metal legs.

Why use Osborne Wood Product’s Metal Table legs?

*Easy attachment for assembling a table in less than an hour

*Includes a flat attachment plate at the top of the leg

*Levelers at the bottom to compensate for uneven floors

*Weight-bearing up to 2,000 pounds

The Mid-Century look is highly sought after and easily achieved with versatile metal legs, and Osborne offers a large variety of metal legs to suit any need:

Above on the top left see our square Columbia Dining Leg, part #1116. This square, brushed steel leg is quick to attach to your table top, so you can have a finished table set up in less than an hour. The attachment plate at the top of the leg is 5″ square, and the shaft is 3″ square. The top plate includes 4 holes for attaching the plate to the table top. The bottom of each leg features a leveler to help with uneven floors. The weight bearing load of these legs is a whopping 2000 pounds, so you can feel secure using the very heaviest of table tops.

Pictured above on the right is our Part# 1126–the Hudson Dining Table Leg. This round, polished steel leg is quick to attach to your table top, so assembling a finished table can happen in less than an hour. The steel Hudson leg is 28″ tall with a 2 3/8″ shaft and a 6 3/4″ square plate attachment plate at the top. The attachment plate includes four holes for attaching the leg to the table top. The bottom of each leg features a leveler to help with uneven floors.Weight bearing load of 2000 pounds.

The Ashburn Industrial Dining Leg, part 1010, shown above, is a modern take on the industrial style, combining wood and metal for a unique look. Adding this leg to any dining table top will instantly elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. This leg features metal attachments at the top and bottom of a simple square leg. To add even more appeal, the Ashburn leg is available in multiple wood types, suitable for painting and staining, giving this leg endless flexibility to fit in with your design. You’re also able to select our Weathered Wood Service for pine and oak woods, which will give the pine and oak grains an exaggerated look, only adding to the leg’s industrial appeal.

Osborne’s Hairpin Dining Table legs, part 411003, seen above on the left, are available in clear-coated steel and flat black finishes. They can be used for any size table top, it’s your choice for the perfect fit. There are several heights of hairpin legs available (6″, 10″, 18″ and 29″), and all are 4″ wide at the top. We’re ready to help you create a custom one-of-a-kind piece. It couldn’t be easier to simply screw in the legs to the bottom of your table top for an instant table! Due to their custom nature and handmade construction, our hairpin legs may show slight imperfections, welding burns or scuffs – this is considered a part of their rustic nature rather than a defect.

Finally, Osborne is proud to offer the Corner Metal Leg, part 1108. shown above, which features an open backside for a fully industrial look. Each leg has a leveler on the bottom which adjusts to compensate for uneven flooring. Attached to any size table top with 2 (included) bolts (1 1/2″ x 5/16″) and a 6 3/4″ square plate. Attachment plate includes 8 pre-drilled holes along the edges to attach to the underside of the table top. Leg placement can be adjusted in two different positions using four pre-drilled holes near the center of the attachment plate. This Corner Metal leg is fabricated with strong, industrial-grade steel and is strong enough to support any table top.

Osborne Wood Products offers so many ways for you to achieve the Mid-Century Modern look you have been searching for. Choose from any of our popular metal legs to have your dream table today! See Osborne’s wide selection of metal table legs and pedestals here–

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