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Marshall Vanity Leg Featured on Shades of Blue Interiors

Marshall Island Leg
Marshall Island Leg

The Marshall Vanity Leg is one of the most popular vanity style legs offered at Osborne Wood Products. The sleek look of the turning makes it ideal for small spaces. The leg isn’t overwhelming and it allows for shelving and drawer applications for added efficiency. This vanity leg is absolutely perfect for creating a designer inspired design, regardless of the size of your space!

Our friend Rachel at Shades of Blue Interiors found the perfect solution for her bathroom makeover in the Marshall Vanity Leg. Rachel mentioned in her blog, “The legs are full of character and I can’t get enough of the curves!” She used these vanity legs to fill a small space and the result is flawless!

You can find the full post from Rachel, as well as a step by step tutorial on Shades of Blue Interiors or by Clicking Here.

Could you see a vanity like this one in your home? You can order Marshall Vanity Legs for your next project at Osborne Wood Products! There’s no minimum order and your legs will typically ship out same or next day! Order Your Legs Online HERE.

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