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Massive Island Legs Support Large Marble Island

Massive Islander Post
Massive Islander Post

A kitchen island adds both a focal point and functionality to a space. When creating an island, many elements go into consideration. The aesthetics of the island are extremely important, as the eye will be directed toward the center of the kitchen space. The finish, textures, and character must compliment the cabinetry, flooring, and over all feel of the space. The materials should be strong, sturdy, and add character and beauty to the room. And of course, the island should be functional! The island adds additional counter space, while oftentimes adding shelving or cabinet space as well. It takes both skill and eye for detail to create such a masterpiece!

Today, let’s take a look at a beautiful island created by Tom W., a cabinetmaker in Kentucky. Tom created a kitchen island using a very large (and very heavy) piece of marble. For support, Tom chose the Osborne Massive Islander Island Leg (Part #1452), a classic island post style. The simple, yet stylish turnings of the legs add a subtle detail that compliments the rest of the design. The legs are finished a light gray to match the kitchen island. As you can see, the island contains additional cabinets and even a space for the microwave! It is a great use of space, and a perfect focal point for the room. Amazing work Tom! Thank you so much for sharing your photo with us!

Are you looking to add character to your kitchen? Perhaps an island is just the thing you need for functionality and beauty in the space. Whether building a new island or remodeling an existing piece, be sure to take a look at the island legs offered at Osborne. The island leg line offers a variety of styles and sizes, ranging from contemporary to traditional. Browse our full line of island legs today.

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