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Massive Islander Posts a Perfect Choice for Large Kitchen Island

Massive Islander Island Leg
Massive Islander Island leg

When there’s a large project at hand that requires the extra strength and durability, Osborne is ready to take on the task. With 100% wood components, including large island legs and posts, Osborne offers both strength and style: an unbeatable pair! Today, let’s take a look at a beautiful kitchen island remodel by Aaron P. of California. Aaron needed a large post to support his large island design. With twin boys, he also needed something that would withstand a little wear and tear.

Here is what Aaron told us about his project, “[I] Love the legs. They are bold enough to stand alone in the corners of our massive 5 ft by 10 plus ft island counter. With the many coats of finish we applied they are standing up to my twin 3 year boys just fine. No dents or chips yet. We built a frame over the top with the same type of wood and route red all the edges. A 5 by 10 foot by 3/4 inch sheet of marine grade plywood holds it all together. It work well with the deep counter to avoid the kick marks on the cabinets.”

Massive Islander Island Leg

Aaron chose to use two of the Osborne Massive Islander Island Leg(Part #1752) in Soft Maple for this project. The name soft maple is a little deceptive, as Soft maple is actually a hardwood, fully capable of taking on this job. The wood offers a smooth painting surface that, as you can see, finishes off beautifully!

Thank you for sharing your photos with us Aaron, and enjoy your beautiful kitchen island!

Do you have a large project that requires some heavy duty massive posts in the design? Be sure to check out the wide variety of island legs offered at Osborne in 5″, 6″, and even 8″ widths!

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