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Minor Kitchen Makeover features Amazing Kitchen Island

Square Islander Island Post
Square Islander Island Post

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether cooking, cleaning, or entertaining, the kitchen is a central location and the heart of the home.  When you look around the space what is it that catches your eye? The cabinetry? The flooring? The island? Perhaps there are some amazing elements to your space that you love, but a few that you would like to change. In this case, there’s no need to gut your almost finished kitchen! Osborne offers great unfinished wood components for minor kitchen makeovers. Update your islandmolding, or accent your cabinetry with a quality wood piece today!

Here is a perfect example of a kitchen makeover design. Regina L. recently ordered the Square Island Posts (Part #1435) in Knotty Pine. Regina also had the posts Quarter Notched by our in house services to fit perfectly into her island design. Regina told us, “I recently purchased this product for use in a minor kitchen makeover. I am so happy with the product fit, finish, customer service and delivery! While my kitchen isn’t finished yet, my Island rocks!”

Thank you so much for choosing Osborne Regina, and for sharing your photo with us. We love your kitchen island!

Enjoy the kitchen of your dreams this year. Browse the full collection of Osborne Kitchen Island Posts today to find your perfect fit! Don’t forget to ask our friendly customer service representatives about services such as Quarter NotchingHalf PostsElectrical Notching, and more!

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